The project houses a total of 1133 foremen room and 734 workers room .



The Senior (Or Foremen Room) Is 4.7 X 4.2 Meters It Includes A Toilet And A Shower Area, The Room Is Occupied By Two Foremen

Oman Architecture

A contemporary modular type of living space designed for the use of two seniors. The smart architectural design for such small spaces provides a practical solution through the integration of a partition, separating the room into two compartments, each with its own privacy in order to accomplish the highest levels of comfort for its occupants.


The workers room is 5.55 x 5.8 meters it can host up to 10 workers and it includes a sitting area. and a partition separates the beds of each individual to insure a reasonable amount of privacy. All rooms are constructed from state of the art modern construction material that contributes to temperature control inside.

Site Plan

On each floor level, a common recreational area is provided, it consists of a sitting area with a tv set. the sitting area is vast and is suitable for different types of activities such as socializing, watching tv or simply relaxing.Two or three multipurpose rooms are located at each floor.


03 Oct

Masaken Al Raha Awards FM Services

Al Raha Village management awarded the contract for full facilities services for the labor township to Como Facilities Management Services....